NOW Drive Binding

$ 300.00

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Developed with the help of legendary chargers like Jeremy Jones and Devun Walsh, the Drive is like the IPO but on steroids. Focusing on an increase of lateralsupport throughout your range of motion we’ve exaggerated lateral arc of a taller more rigid highback around the outside of the boot. The asymmetrical, 3D Flippit ankle strap can be worn in a freestyle setting with the added support over the top of your instep. Or, switch it up to Freeride mode by flipping the strap over to the other binding placing the support higher on your ankle. Either way you flippit, the strap is wider on the outside maintaining that lateral support for both options.



  • Flush cup technology
  • New ankle and toe ratchet
  • New hollow rivet assembly
  • New Asym ankle straps with FlipIt convenience
  • New 3-D toe straps
  • New ladder and connector straps
  • New tool free connector straps adjuster
  • New Drive highback is 40% more rigid than the Flex hinge highback
  • New Highcups are compatible with Drive hanger
  • Bushings available in Medium (45 shore) and Hard (55 shore)
  • NOW disc compatible with 4x4, 3D and EST channel system
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