Airblaster Women's Ninja Suit

$ 77.00
previously $ 110.00

The Best Long Underwear on the Planet is even better for women.  I went onto a very popular snowboard web store recently to check out the reviews of the Ninja Suit.  I found out 2 things:  1) The Ninja Suit really is the best thing ever (5 out of 5 stars for every single review at the time I looked), and 2) The reviews by women were even more plentiful and more enthusiastic than the men’s reviews!  Let me just share a couple of short quotes that I pulled directly from the reviews: “makes peeing a breeze” “I feel like I have superpowers” “really cute” and even “inappropriately attractive” “very toasty” “best thing ever” “I love being a Ninja!”  Enough said.  Jeez you lady reviewers are making my job easy.  Thank you for the kind and honest words.  


    The classic that started it all, and still the best long underwear on the planet! If you’ve never owned an Airblaster Ninja Suit, you truly are missing out. I’d say that on an average winter day, you’re about 60-70% as comfortable without a Ninja Suit as you would be with one. That extra 30-40% comfort that you pick up when you put on your Ninja Suit means more runs, more smiles, more miles, more FUN! You really need to try one to believe how great and wonderfully addictive the Airblaster Ninja Suit is! There is a really good reason why people refer to it as the best long underwear on the planet.

• Air-Tech 4-way stretch wicking fabric
• 7-panel ergonomic hood to seal out drafts and snow
• Full-length front chest zip
• Women’s specific fit
• Circumferential waist zip for ultra-easy #2 access
• Thumb loops at wrist cuff to seal out snow

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