Koston 2 IT Quick Strike "Swingtip"

by Steph McGilvra on May 06, 2013

 It's no secret that Eric Koston enjoys a few rounds of Golf now and again. So, it was only a matter of time before Nike indulged his passion by giving him a functional twist on his second pro model. Meet the Koston 2 IT. This shoe shares the same upper stylings of his second pro model, but is made of a synthetic leather that is water resistant, to handle dew on the grass. It also has the same Lunarlon insole, but boasts an outsole specifically for hitting the golf course instead of the skate park. These are much more comfortable than a standard golf shoe, and bring more of a skate fashion to the game. For all of you that are golf enthusiasts like Koston, these Quick Strikes are on the floor and on sale today.