Last weeks Snow Dump

by Steph McGilvra on March 26, 2012

With the recent happenings on Mt. Hood, and the riding that Ryan did, I thought it would be a great opportunity to turn over the blog to him, so he could relay some of the great times he had last week. He writes: 

"Well if you were alive and had a pulse last week you might know that Mt. Hood was pounded by HEAVY, HEAVY amounts of great spring snow! This has been becoming a "normal" occurrence the last couple of years but still catches a lot of people by surprise. On that note, this last Thursday when most of the Portland area and surrounding valley woke up to a blanket of two to three inches of snow I decided to head to Mt. Hood and ride the three feet plus that had fallen in the last few days. For any of you lucky enough to have made it up this last week before it all was tracked out and crunchy, you know how AMAZING and FUN it was! My day started at Mt. Hood Meadows, which the day before had only operated a couple lifts and thus a lot of terrain was left untouched. So, with more lifts open and more terrain accessible, we knew we were in for a treat. This made us very,very, happy to say the least. We headed straight towards the forests and were welcomed by waist deep snow-making some cliff drops, shoots, and tree jibs ridable for the first time in several years. We were lucky enough to time the opening of Heather Canyon just right as well and dropped into wide open bowls filled with deep snow that was sucking up riders and skiers left and right.  It was amazing! 

After riding from open to just about close at Meadows we stopped by Ski Bowl on the way down and took some pics, shredded some more and enjoyed a couple hours of the spring sun and great conditions that were still available lower down the Mountain. Ski Bowl was still great even at 5pm!


Truly, it has been a long time since the snow has been that great everywhere you went, and if you were lucky enough to ride during last weeks late season DUMP than this write up is not at all a surprise to you but more of what I'm sure was a great and memorable ride down memory lane. Now that Mother Nature has blessed us all with this recent snow I can only imagine what the parks and terrain features will be this Spring and well into this Summer higher up on the hill. Dreams will be filled with perfect sunny park laps, perfect spins, grabs, plants, pics, filming, and all around good times! Until then though, bring on the spring POW!"  -Ryan