Air Jordan 1 X Nike SB QS

by Steph McGilvra on March 12, 2014

This release is a long time coming. Back in 1985 Nike sent some promo pairs of the Air Jordan I to the guys at Powell - Peralta because they had heard some of the team didn't have shoes to skate that weren't falling apart or duct taped together. It was a rough time in skateboarding as many shoe companies were struggling, so many of sponsored team guys suffered as well. The movie in production was Future Primitive. The scenes with all skaters except Tony Hawk wearing Jordan's were insane! Not only was the skating unbelievable but to see so many guys all wearing and SKATING Air Jordan's definitely caused some controversy in the skateboarding community! 

Flash forward to the present day and Jordan Brand and Skateboarding are together again! Drawing from Craig Stecyk's connection to the skate world as Powell -Peralta's long time art director, these shoes are legit, with a ton of detail tying back to Stecyk's copper and spray paint art. This Jordan 1 has just the right amount of detail to make it unique without going too far. The pics show a few of the subtle accents that put this pair of shoes in a category all it's own.  


We will be releasing these at 11am, Saturday March 15th! First come, first served. NO CAMPING PLEASE. ONE PAIR PER PERSON. We only received sizes 9 through 11, with doubles of select sizes.