Stack Footy

$ 26.00

16 friends who snowboard and film; Stack Footy. Hundreds of good ideas, hundreds of bad ideas; Stack Footy. Thousands of tricks landed, one thousand more crashed; Stack Footy. Millions of magical moments captured by ones and zeros; Stack Footy. Billions of laughs, cries, smiles, smirks, jokes and moments of repose; Stack Footy. All of our years on snowboards, all of our years on digital tape have led us here to work together to make this snowboard video, to make “Stack Footy”. Please enjoy another “tape on the stack” from your friends at Think Thank. Featuring: Gus Engle Nick Visconti Mark Thompson Jesse Burtner Sean Genovese Scott Stevens Chris Beresford Andre Spinelli Chris Larson Johnny Miller Pat Milbery Bryce Lowell Jed Hoffman Ben Bogart Matt Edgers Austin Hironaka

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