LongBoardLarry Minitee-Deck

$ 170.00

All of LongBoardLarry’s longboard skateboards are hand-made in Salem Oregon. Each board is made from Baltic birch that is laminated, using the best adhesives and pressed to have either concave, camber or both. His goal is to provide the highest quality hand-made boards that look as good as they ride. Each board has the dimensions, serial number and is signed by the shaper. These are truly great pieces of ridable art. Sublimity Snow & skate is happy to support a local manufacturer that makes unique, quality products.

Board Info:

Top mount speed board with a nice 5/8" radial concave. Solid under foot. Don’t let the name fool ya this board is awesome. The Sea Cow was a combined effort with team rider Ryan Sorenson. This board is birch bamboo and fiberglass.

Minitee (Sea Calf)
Length: 36"
Width: 10"
Wheelbase: 27"

Please Note: This item is sold deck only. If you would like a compete, please visit our Longboard Completes section or choose items for us to put together.

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