It's Always Snowing Somewhere

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The Burton global team has traveled year round to get to the best snow on earth and during the process of documenting their travels they have created a natural story line that links them together as a team and shows you their season’s journey. Over the course of the 2007-2008 snowboard seasons Burton’s filmmakers and photographers will embark on a project that will provide a unique and imaginative look inside the lives of the world’s most influential riders. This multi-media project will explore the elite men’s Burton Global Team and a handful of top up-and-comers, delving into their lifestyles and personalities. These riders are the face of snowboarding, setting trends and inspiring millions of kids worldwide with the way they ride and the lives they lead both on snow and off.

Riders: Shaun White
Terje Haakonsen
Gigi Ruf
JP Solberg
Heikki Sorsa
Nicolas Muller
Tadashi Fuse
Frederik Kalbermatten
Jeremy Jones
Jussi Oksanen
Mads Jonsson
Trevor Andrew
Keegan Valaika
Kevin Pearce
Danny Davis
Kazuhiro Kokubo
Mikkel Bang
Mikey Rencz
Peetu Piiroinen
The Smalls Team

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