Eastside Longboards-Blazer Drop Through Deck

$ 100.00

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Eastside's first Drop-Down board featuring a 5/8" dropped platform. This creates a lower riding platform for more stability and nice wedged pockets to lock in your feet into. The symmetrical shape with well placed cutouts allows for multiple setups for freeride, downhill, and pushing. Angled edges on the rails (gas pedals) allow your toes and heels to hang over the edges and provide more leverage, this feels amazing for stand-up slides and pre-drifts! The Blazer is available in Top-Mount or Drop-Through. We suggest Top-Mount for faster freeriding and downhill on steeper hills giving you more grip and leverage. And Drop-Through being lower and easier to slide for lower speed freeriding, and easier pushing / foot-braking. Recommended wheels 70-76mm for freeride with loose trucks and soft bushings without wheel-bite. Top-Mount version has added wheel-wells for bigger and wider wheels for downhill.


- 5/8" dropped platform creating foot pockets. 

- Symmetrical shape with 4 large Gas-pedals.

- 9 Ply Maple Construction: Top-Mount or Drop-Through versions

- TM: Stiff for 220 lbs and below / DT: Stiff for 200 lbs and below

- Old and New School bolt pattern with universal drop-thru mounting.

- Concave: 1/2” radial with 3" flat base.

- Effective Foot Platform (EFP): 27”
 Deck comes Ungripped.
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