Bitch Bushings

$ 4.00

    Bitch bushings come in seven different durometers:
  • Extra Soft White 73A
  • Mild Soft Orange 79A
  • Soft Blue 85A
  • Med Soft Red 90A
  • Med Hard 92a
  • Hard Black 95A
  • Extra Hard Purple 98A

    Bitch Bushings are a brand new concept of bushing shape specifically designed for mad street applications where the unique SUPER SHOCK ABSORBING bushing shape provides up to 40% more shock absorbsion and life than any other bushing on the market. Tested and proven by pros and manufactured using extremely expensive 100% urethane and top secret compounding techniques, these BITCHS can take whatever you can dish out. Believe it.

    Sold in single sets. So if you need to replace bushings on 2 trucks order 2 sets!
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