Airblaster Airpill Stomp Pad

$ 16.00

Look, lets face it. At some point everyone choose to look at Stomp Pads as uncool. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it was because at a point along the way somebody got a golden idea and made Stomp Pads to look like medal spikes, barf, diamonds and more. Actually the barf one is actually really cool if your into that stuff. Whatever the case who really cares? The bottom line is that a Stomp Pad is very functional, it works and it helps save you from that embarrassing moment in the lift line when you take a digger in front of that cute girl(or guy) you have been wanting to impress for weeks. Point being get a Stomp Pad and enjoy your day.

This one is a Airpill shape and what could be better then that? It comes ready to go with very strong adhesive on the back to help keep it secure to your board all season long, just peal the backing off and stick it to your board and it is go time. 

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