Loaded Kanthaka Deck

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Like its namesake from Buddhist legend, the Kanthaka is an agile, muscular, and loyal steed for any rider seeking a swift and exciting journey to double-kick freeride enlightenment. Blurring the lines between street skating and freeriding, the Kanthaka builds off contemporary skate design and brings rocker, functional and ergonomic wheel wells, and composite construction to create something innovative, versatile and unique. 

The Kanthaka features a gently rockered platform (enough to create a comfortable cradling interface for sliding but not so much as to disrupt the mechanics of ollies and other tricks) that transitions smoothly into the kicks. Pronounced wheel wells flare above the top surface of the deck, increasing wheel clearance while also creating an ergonomic rise that provides lateral support and extra leverage in critical areas for your feet. The Kanthaka is designed with an elliptical concave profile that is shallow near the centerline of the board (to minimize accidental flipping input on ollies) and ramps up gently near the rails to provide comfortable security and board awareness. 

The kicktails on the Kanthaka are designed to provide excellent leverage for slides and maneuverability. They extend from the standing platform at a relatively shallow angle to generate a quick and well balanced pop for the Kanthaka’s geometric combination of length, rocker, and wheelbase. Solid for speed and crisp for pop, the Kanthaka’s bamboo and fiberglass construction is light and stiff without feeling overbuilt. 

Comes in 2 sizes: 8.625" x 36" and 8.875 x 36". Both decks have the same wheelbase at 17.5" and the same kick length(Tip to inner bolt) of 7.5".

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