Poler Magic Tarpit

$ 25.00

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Product Description

The Magic Tarpit. Half Tarp, Half Space Blanket, Half Magic. So many uses it's impossible to list them all. It has a hood and hand hold pockets so you can wrap it around yourself and stay warm. The corners have grommets so you can tie it down and use it as a primitve shelter or cover your motorcycle or bike like you would a regular tarp. Some of the ways it is useful: Stay cozy and dry wrapped up at sporting events, use it to bring up core temps after cyclocross or surfing in the cold, roll up and crash in it at night in the summer, keep it in your trunk or your backcountry kit for emergencies, wrap photo or video gear in it as improvised protection from the elements...etc.. etc...!

Like a heavy duty tarp with a space blanket like interior. Synthetic. Assorted colors and Poler Woven Label.

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