"Portland Dunk" Release info+more

by Steph McGilvra on October 09, 2013

 Nike has set a hard release date of Saturday October 12th for this shoe. That means that retailers are supposed to release it on that day. We have received only a partial shipment of this shoe, so it makes it difficult to do a release and make people happy. As of right now we only have a 9, two 10.5s and a 13. Generally we would want to hold the few shoes we do have in order to release them all together, but the remainder of our order has yet to be shipped and as of today, Nike can not tell me when it will actually happen. Given what I know about what is happening with Nike's shipping issues right now, it seems like the best plan is to just go ahead and release what we have and then release the other pairs later whenever they show up. Therefore: if you are a 9, a 10.5 or 13, this coming saturday is your lucky day! We will be releasing this small amount at 11am. It will be first come, first serve. With all that being said, these things look really good. Supple black full grain leather to represent asphalt, with side panels treated in such a way as to look like there are fresh water droplets on them. The swoosh is clear, as is the outsole. The material around the collar is a brown to represent earth tones prevalent around here, and the midsole is just slightly off white. The alternate lace matches the midsole. 


















Cons just sent us two new shoes this week. We received a new color of the Trapasso 2. This is a Leaf Green suede with brown accents on the newest Trapasso pro model that features a Lunarlon insole, memory foam in the tongue and collar and a proven converse vulcanized outsole. 


















Cons also has come out with a collaboration with Santa Cruz. This is the CTS OX "Jason Jessee" colorway. This a canvas upper with grey overprint pattern. The insole is Lunarlon with a print of custom artwork on the sockliner. The tongue and collar feature memory foam and the outsole is clear with half of the Santa Cruz logo showing through on each shoe. These shoes come with 3 sets of laces in black, red and white. 






























This week we have been busy with getting in a lot of snow gear. Currently on the floor for 2014: All Nike Snowboard outerwear and layering, All Adidas outerwear, Anon Goggles and Helmets, Union Bindings, Capita snowboards, Stance socks, Burton Layering and socks, Burton Bindings , Nikita snowboards & Bindings, and NOW bindings. We still have a few things in boxes that we are working on unpacking including: Airblaster Outerwear and accessories, Celtek gloves and accessories and Nikita Outerwear. Stay tuned as we make more in depth posts about these products and others that have yet to arrive.