MIA dunk low premium

by Steph McGilvra on July 24, 2013

We have received some of our order of the MIA Dunk Low Premium. It is only a partial shipment, but from the sounds of things at Nike, their shipping department is going through a tough month. The rest of our order may arrive later, but we aren't going to wait for those pairs to arrive to release what we have. I'm sorry we have such a small amount to sell, but it's really beyond our control. That being said, this shoe is awesome! It's a combination of perforated full grain leather and a suede. The suede treatment on the heel anchor and eyelet surrounds is very unique in that it has been distressed to look ripples on top of water. It's very well done. The insole features a mosaic pattern in the same colors of upper. The bottom outsole is a very light Ice blue color. It compliments the rest of the colors well. 














We are releasing these today on a first come first serve basis. 

The Civilist Dunk High Quick Strike will be shipped to us later next week. We will update the blog once we know more. Hopefully that shipment won't be subject to the same snafu that this release was.