Pretty Sweet

by Steph McGilvra on December 07, 2012

Pretty Sweet is here. We haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet, but by all accounts it's amazing. Come in and get a copy while they last. 

We also have gotten a bunch of stuff within the last week, and I have had little time to get all the items up on the website. Here's a partial listing: Girl Skate Decks, Chocolate Skate decks, Blood Orange Griptape packs(3 sheets black, 1 sheet colored) In Purple, Blue, or Orange. Volante wheels, Enjoi Boards and accessories, Loaded Chubby Unicorn, Loaded Kanthaka, Trojan Gloves, Gangster Grip Packs, Precision Speed washers, Venom Tweakers in 80a, Poler Shirts and hats.

There will be more items coming in daily for the next few weeks. 'Tis the season.