LongboardLarry Decks

by Steph McGilvra on October 09, 2012

 Today we just got some fresh decks from LongboardLarry. We love to support Larry and his products because they are hand made in Oregon, and they offer a quality product with a unique feel. This time we got a couple of old standbys and well as some custom flavor. We ordered 2 Salamanders:One in Green/Yellow Swirl and the Other in White/Blue Swirl. 2 Tiny Dancers: 1 with the standard blue color you see on Larry's website and 1 in orange-a color he hasn't previously made the Tiny Dancer in. Also in the shipment is a regular DK Penguin and a Limited edition Floral print DK Penguin. The Floral penguin we received is black instead of the blue color that Larry has on his site. Again, it's a color that's more limited in quantities so you can be a little different than your friends. Check out the Picture below to see what they look like.