Nike SB X Levi's Dunk Low Quick Strike Release

by Steph McGilvra on September 12, 2012

 We have received our shipment of the Nike SB X Levi's collaboration Dunk Low Premium Quick Strikes. We will release them for sale THIS COMING Saturday, Sept. 15th. These Dunks are made with Levi's brand black denim and feature a premium leather swoosh with white outline stitch and a red bottom outsole. The back of the left shoe has Nike embroidered in red while the right foot has the Levi logo. Both insoles feature the Levi and Swoosh logo and the extra lace is also black. For sure these are one of the nicest QS's to hit the streets in quite a while!

In an effort to allow more people the chance at buying quick strikes, and after being informed of some unfortunate events that occurred at last month's quick strike release, we have decided to implement a raffle style launch. THERE WILL BE NO CAMPING ALLOWED!!! 


We are planning the release for this coming Saturday, and are going to be selling raffle tickets Saturday starting at 10AM to those interested in the chance at buying a pair. The program will be as follows:

One raffle ticket per person. RAFFLE TICKETS WILL SELL FOR $3.00 A PIECE! Each customer will write the size they would like on their ticket that will be placed in a hat by size. Meaning everyone that wants a size 10 will be competing against only people wanting that size and so on.  All tickets will be picked at random. In the unlikely event that there are any left over sizes available, individuals whose ticket numbers were not called will be have their tickets placed in the hat and we will draw at random until all shoes have been sold. ONE raffle ticket per person! ONE pair of shoes per person! ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE COST OF THE RAFFLE TICKETS WILL BE DONATED TO THE WEST PORTLAND SKATE PROJECT, A LOCAL NON-PROFIT INDOOR SKATE PARK.