R.A.D. Wheels

by Steph McGilvra on August 23, 2012


Our first shipment of R.A.D. wheels came in today. We got both the 74mm Advantage and the 72mm Release. Both models feature R.A.D.'s crown core that is 10 times stronger than regular longboard wheel cores so it won't deform under weight, and it has a specific shape that helps reduce chatter and produce smooth slides. This all translates to a smooth, predictable and fast ride. The Advantage is a offset wheels with a wider contact patch and flexible lips, and the Release is a stone ground, center-set free ride wheel. So far R.A.D. has put out 2 durometers; 78a and 80a in both shapes. I haven't gotten fancy product shots of these bad boys yet, so they aren't listed in our product section, but they will be soon. Until then, come on down to the shop and check them out.