Entourage Dunk Wrap Up

by Steph McGilvra on May 18, 2012

 With our Quick Strike shipment being delayed longer than usual, and the demand for this release being so strong, we decided to release the shoes the day we received them. Campers had already been sitting outside for more than 24 hours before the delivery driver brought them in. Releases on a tuesday seem a little off, but we try to give the people what they want. 

 Here are a few familiar faces and dedicated campers patiently waiting for us to open, and for the delivery driver to arrive. It was a bonus that our weather had been so mild, so the campers weren't too cold over night. Once the dunks arrived we wasted no time getting them processed and ready to go. 

Looking at the shipment, these were much more consistent in quality and finish than the Space Jams were. People that waited for them were well rewarded with great looking shoes. And of course, they went very fast. We want to thank everyone what came out for the launch. You guys helped make our day fun and a success. We greatly appreciate it.