Ashbury Goggles and Apparel

by Steph McGilvra on October 19, 2011

Ashbury Goggles and apparel are in the store. This is our first year carrying the product, and we are excited. Ashbury has some great quality for the price. The Warlock goggle has replaceable lenses and dual stage face foam AND a free replacement lens at the $65 price point! That is incredibly hard to beat. The Kaleidoscope goggle offers the same features as the Warlock with a wider, more beefy frame and a strap connection that will work with helmets a bit easier AND the same free, Yellow replacement lens. You get a lens for sunny conditions and cloudy with one purchase.  For your money, both of these Goggles are worth taking a look.   We also have 2 different sweatshirts, 3 different T-shirts and a couple of beanies from Ashbury. Some are up on the site, but I don't have images yet for all of them. If you are curious about what isn't listed on the site, come on in the shop to check them out.   

Here's a direct link to our Ashbury offering: Click me!