Atlas Trucks

by Steph McGilvra on March 20, 2014

Our order of the first round of Atlas Trucks arrived today. We are really excited to finally get them! Atlas has developed one of the best thought out cast reverse king pin trucks we have seen in quite some time. They feature forged baseplates so they are designed to be stronger than the average cast truck. A 10mm axel in the hanger that is machined down to 8mm, so it's stronger than other 8mm axels. A large ball pivot to make turns exceptionally smooth. And something that is unique: a pivot cup that has patent pending technology that is designed to allow you to be able to remove the cup with ease by threading one of your axles into the specifically designed section at the bottom. It's truly ingenious! What is most impressive about these trucks is that all of those features are packed into a very reasonably priced package-only about 10 dollars more than the average set of trucks! Completely worth it in our opinion. Below are some pictures of the tapered axel and the pivot cup design and extraction. Check the colors we have out on our site, or better yet, stop on in and have a look at the shop.